An underrepresented business owner behind the counter of her coffee shop.

About BMO Wrap the Good

About BMO Wrap the Good

It matters where your gifts come from.

When you give gifts from underrepresented businesses, you’re giving so much more.

BMO Wrap the Good celebrates and showcases underrepresented businesses from across North America who often depend more on making holiday sales. That’s why, for the last three years, we’ve tapped into holiday traditions to create visibility for these businesses and introduce them to new customers.

This year, we’re shining a light on underrepresented businesses in a whole new way, making it even easier for shoppers to explore their products and gift ideas. On this website, you’ll find our curated holiday gift guide filled with gift giving inspiration. Each product makes for a great gift that does good for the business it comes from. Use the wish list feature to save your favourite products and share them on social media. Not only will this help your friends and family know just what to give you, it will introduce them to a more mindful way to give.

Holiday songs with a supportive twist.

This year, we’re singing our support for underrepresented businesses by rewriting the lyrics to classic holiday songs. Each song features a different business and details about their products. Hear, share and sing along to our album of Business Carols, now on Spotify.

Wrapping Paper: the original holiday hack

Millions of rolls of wrapping paper are used every holiday season. In 2021, we decided it was time for wrapping paper to be used for more than concealing gifts. So, we designed a new kind of wrapping paper that, when scanned, helps shoppers discover hundreds of gift ideas from underrepresented businesses.

Get your Wrap the Good wrapping paper at select BMO branches across North America.

A gift wrapped in Wrap the Good wrapping paper.