Two women exchange gifts in front of a store.

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Gifts that do good for underrepresented businesses.

The holidays are full of traditions. For the past three years, our tradition has been creating visibility for underrepresented businesses who often depend more on making holiday sales.

So, we’ve gathered their products here in our gift guide, to celebrate them as holiday gifts that are not only good, but do good for the businesses they come from.

Two women exchange gifts in front of a store.

Discover gift ideas from underrepresented businesses.

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Holiday songs with a supportive twist.

This year, we’re singing our support for underrepresented businesses by rewriting the lyrics to classic holiday songs. Each song features a different business and details about their products. Hear, share and sing along to our album of Business Carols, now on Spotify.


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You can now buy gifts from women and minority-owned businesses in the most exclusive shopping districts across North America. Come by for a hot beverage and explore our selection of good gifts that do good, pre-wrapped and ready to give.